High School Relationships: Why They’re Worth It


By Shannon McHugh

When people think of high school relationships, they think of how they are portrayed in movies. They always like each other back, it’s love at first sight, and everything is perfect. The guy or girl knows exactly what to do to make their partner the happiest person in the world without having any problems, and there is always a bright side after every fight; however, this is not reality. Relationships can be difficult, draining, and in the end, heartbreaking. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not always the case in high school. For some people, it can work out great and everyone is happy. If that is you, then good for you! Keep doing what you’re doing because you, my friend, are one of the rare and lucky ones. Only being in high school, being heartbroken to some can sound ridiculous — I mean, should a 15 year old experience breaking someone’s heart? Or having theirs broken?

One of my friends, junior Hailey Fishman, has been in a three year relationship with junior Matt Metz.
“One of my favorite things is being able to connect with someone to a great extent, knowing their high points and low points and being able to be there for each other knowing he will always have my back because he is my best friend,” Fishman said.
 In my personal experiences, being naive was the worst thing. I got caught up thinking that nothing wrong would ever happen — that it would be worth it and it would not be difficult. I learned this was not the case at all. When you are young and have a crush, nothing else seems to matter. I never managed my time accordingly to handling school life, sports, friendships, family, and a relationship to make it work. It was really hard. I started to put school work aside and focused on what I could do to make that person like me more and to keep them happy or even interested. I would be too busy trying to make time to spend with them or by texting them. I lost track to what was truly important. Investing your whole self into someone trying to make them happy and being someone who they want is the hardest thing to try and get over and forget especially during a time where you are trying to find who you truly are. Being young, we can be so immature. It could be from genuinely not knowing right from wrong to simply not caring. I lost sight of who I was and I became someone who I promised myself I would never become. That alone was heartbreaking.
Dealing with a break up is never just dealing with being single. It is dealing with having to get use to never texting that person 24/7 anymore. Knowing that you told this person everything and trusted them, but now you no longer speak to them.  Dealing with people constantly asking you why the break up happened. And then of course, the rumors come pouring in. This for me, personally, was the hardest to deal with. Not only was I trying to find myself back and getting over someone, but now I had to deal with people making stories up about who did what. It seemed to have lasted forever. My grades went plummeting down. My drive for certain things faded and I felt like a ghost roaming the halls. As dramatic as it sounds, it was true. After being depressed from the heartbreak and what was happening, I then became angry. I was mad that I let myself be so stupid and naive. How I could I let myself lose myself in a person? And the bottom line question was always so simple: for what? Why would someone put themselves through this knowing that the chances of you staying together after graduating are so slim. Why? Because everyone loves the feeling of being “wanted” or “loved.”
Everyone wants to be able to have a deep connection with someone that only you two understand and share. It is a beautiful thing being able to grow with someone. I was also lucky enough to have a relationship like this as well. I had the push I needed to get back on track, to experience new things in life and to challenge myself. Positive relationships can take you so far. Even after a breakup with someone like that, you cannot go bitter and lose sight to the good times and  lessons. It is taking the chance and seeing if it all can work out with someone in high school. Taking that chance is a scary thing because it can change your life for better or for worse. During my high school career, I always wished I could go back and change everything. If only what I know now I knew then, right? Unfortunately, that is just impossible. To learn lessons you have to go through the trouble. Even though heartbreak was the worst thing imaginable for me, it was worth it and I wouldn’t change anything. It made me no longer naive. It made me know my self worth. It not only made me a stronger person, but I even found myself a lot stronger than what I thought to be. Us teenagers go through a lot and sometimes do not get enough credit. It is so easy to stay full of regrets and be negative but you just can’t.
The majority of high schoolers are inexperienced when it comes to having relationships. Like myself, many of us can be too naive or sensitive to someone’s opinion. Some of us may not have dated at all while in high school. But from learning the hard way, I can tell you that things always get better. And wounds eventually heal and make you stronger. We’re still young, and we should enjoy being free. Everything should be viewed as a lesson for growth, and by thinking like that, I promise that you will find happiness in your life, and in your relationships. And I mean, isn’t heartbreak just a part in being another confused and silly teenager?