Freshman Friday: Lauren Brace


By Katrina Nickell

Unlike most freshman, Lauren Brace had an advantage while entering her first year here at Niles West. As an eighth grader, Brace was placed in off-level math classes which allowed her to attend Niles West. She would come to West for first period to take Geometry and then head back to Fairview South Middle School.

This opportunity really helped Brace understand and get an idea of what high school level classes were like and how to handle assignments, even finals. Now finals are just around the corner and Brace feels prepared and relaxed, contrary to what her peers may be thinking.

“I know getting good grades are hard to get when your involved [in sports]. I’m not too concerned with finals. I took a final last year for geometry at West so I know what to expect,” Brace said.

She hopes to finish her first semester strong and continue to do well in her challenging classes, defeating every obstacle in the way of her goals.

However, great academic achievements are not the only things that define Brace. She is also expecting to be a 3 season athlete. She just completed her first season on the girls swim team, is currently competing with the girls freshman A basketball team, and hopes to join the JV water polo team.

“Being a three sport athlete is difficult. But it’s also a lot of fun and it helps you meet new people,” she said.

Some might say Brace’s athletic aspirations are similar to her brother’s, senior Lucas Brace. Lucas Brace is a member of both the varsity swim team and varsity water polo team.

“It’s actually really cool seeing Lucas around school. Him and I are really close. I’m gonna miss him a lot next year,” Brace said.

But like most siblings, attending school with a brother or sister can be an interesting and new experience.

“It was a little annoying at first. I’ve lived with her for 15 years and I see her enough at home. As the year has progressed, it hasn’t been too bad. She got busy and so did I and now we just accept each other at school,” Lucas Brace said.

Being a senior, Lucas Brace knows the ropes around high school and truly hopes his sister will have a great experience.

“My best advice would be challenge yourself but know your limits. Stay involved even if things get bust. Be kind and respectful to everyone. Manage time well and focus on academics,” Lucas Brace said, “and lastly, enjoy high school, it goes by fast.”