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Freshman Friday: Jack Lochner


Ever since he was five years old, freshman Jack Lochner has loved the game of baseball. This year, Lochner was fortunate enough to be the only freshman on the varsity baseball team. Since he started playing 10 years ago, Lochner has gone above and beyond to improve his skills.

Lochner’s entire family has always been in love with the game of baseball, which largely impacted the kind of player he is today.

“Baseball means a lot to me. Not only do I enjoy playing, but I also like the life lessons it teaches you,” Jack Lochner said. “I also love how all of my coaches have made me a better person.”

Senior, varsity baseball player, and older brother Bobby Lochner  is proud of everything his brother has accomplished. The two brothers will be playing on the same team this year.

“I am very proud of how much Jack has grown. Not only as a baseball player, but as a young man. He is proving to everyone that he has what it takes to play on the varsity level as a freshman,” Bobby Lochner said. “I couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved.”

Being a freshman on any varsity team is a huge deal. When Lochner found out that he made the varsity team, all of his hard work had finally paid off.

“It means a lot to me to be the only freshman on varsity. I was honored to be asked to join such a great team. Even though there is a lot of pressure, I work through it and let it motivate me to be better,” Lochner said.

Balancing school, baseball, and a social life is tough, but Lochner has still managed to stay close with his some of his oldest and closest friends. Kevin Eslick, a freshman, and one of Lochner’s best friends, has nothing but great things to say about Lochner.

“I have known Jack since kindergarten, and the impact he has had on my life is huge,” Eslick said. “Jack has been my best friend for such a long time. All in all, Jack is a great friend to have and he has had a huge impact on my life.”

Lochner doesn’t mind being the youngest player on the team. He is given the chance to learn from the upperclassmen.

“I look up to all of my older teammates a lot. They always inspire me to be better,” Lochner said. “The best part about baseball is the team. During practices we all get along really well. I like how all of the upperclassman treat me as if I’m one of them; they don’t treat me any differently because of my age.”

Playing on the team has also allowed Lochner and his brother to become closer.

“Jack and I have grown closer this year. Being teammates has really brought us closer as brothers,” Bobby Lochner said. “It’s really fun to be on the same team. We always have something to talk about at the dinner table.”

Lochner’s goal for the future is to keep playing hard and to one day be able to play at the college level. With the help of his family and teammates, he hopes he can one day achieve his goals.

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    AlumApr 29, 2017 at 4:21 PM

    Why does the NWN keep writing these really formulaic stories where you get like 3 contrived quotes from people praising the person the story is about.

    These all start to sound exactly the same.

    Mention a person who has (rightfully) accomplished something.

    Get 3 people to say: ____ is an amazing person. ____ is so motivated. ___ has been into (some topic) since he was 5 years old