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Freshman Friday: Danielle Rakoncay-Harris


As the bell rings at 3:23 p.m. and students begin pouring out into the halls eager to get home, freshman Danielle Rakoncay-Harris makes her way against the hallway traffic to the Feminist Club meeting.

Like most freshman, Rakoncay-Harris had hopes and fears about the start of high school, but they were soon diminished with her outgoing personality.

“Starting freshman year, I was looking forward to meeting new friends. I love socializing and I just wanted to meet new people outside of my middle school,” Rakoncay-Harris said.

Rakoncay-Harris did have some fears and anxiety about starting her freshman year and transitioning to a much larger, more diverse school.

“I was scared of getting lost,” Rakoncay-Harris said. “I came to the school about three times just walking the schedule with my friends. I was also scared about upperclassmen, but I realized it was just like seeing my sister’s friends; she’s a senior.”

Rakoncay-Harris is very similar to most freshmen on the outside: she had both the anxiety coming to new school and seeing new people, but also hopes of meeting new friends and gaining new relationships with people of all grades. Unlike most girls of her age though, Rakoncay-Harris has a strong view on gender equality and what it means to have feminism in society.

“I just believe everyone should have equal rights and be treated well. I don’t want my potential sons growing up thinking their gender is superior to women. I wouldn’t say that only Niles West needs it, I would say that a lot of people should be aware of what it is exactly,” she said.

Sophomore Alba Note, one of Rakoncay-Harris’ closest friends, believes that Rakoncay-Harris’ outgoing and creative character will bring impact to the class of 2020 and Niles West in general.

“Danielle is just a really great person to be around. She is always smiling and in a good mood, and she makes the whole room light up,” Note said. “There’s not a time where Danielle won’t stand up for you when you need her; she’s always there and that’s what makes her such a great friend. She has always been an active supporter of not only women’s rights, but equality for everyone, so I know she will make a huge difference as a part of the club.”

Fellow freshman Salma Abu Taleb also thinks that Rakoncay-Harris’s social and fun personality benefits Rakoncay-Harris and her friendships.

“I have to say that Danielle is a very social and fun person to be around. Danielle is a good friend because she’s always there for you,” she said. “I think that Danielle brings a fun and positive attitude to the school.”

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