Niles West News

Wolves Lose to Schaumburg in Sectional Semifinals

By Nick Goldwyn

March 11, 2011

Niles West's 11th-seed Cinderella story ended Wednesday night, as the Wolves lost 56-48 to the 13th seed (24th-in-the-state ranked) Schaumburg Saxons in the Sectional Semifinals. Varsity head coach Bob Williams said that he t...

Wolves Beat Maine South, Win Regionals

By Nick Goldwyn

March 8, 2011

Senior Dante Logan bounced up and down ecstatically, Regional Champion plaque held high over head. With the fans screaming their lungs out in the stands, and the announcer trying to congratulate the Wolves over the noise, L...

Ram VS. His Senior Year

By Nate Schapmann

February 8, 2011

NWN Anchor Ramsan Younatham is sitting with his co-anchor in Broadcasting class, editing their script for the forthcoming morning announcements.  The script looks like the usual stuff they say on the NWN: sports meetings, information about textbook return...

Winter Sports Update

By Nick Goldwyn

January 19, 2011

Girls' Gymnastics The girls' gymnastics team is waiting. Waiting for the opening of their new gym. The gym that created so much controversy around school at the beginning of the year, with talk not only about when it would open, but also about how it was displacing sports. The girls' team has been waiting...