Fall Choir Concert Tonight

By Gabrielle Abesamis

October 25, 2011

Choir Director Amy Branahl and her Women's Choir, Men's Choir, Chamber Choir, and Master Choir  students are scheduled to have their first concert of the school year tonight at 7:30 in the Robert L. Johnson Auditorium. Sophomore and Chamber Choir singer Rache...

Niles West Orchestra to Put on Fall Concert

By Gabrielle Abesamis

October 13, 2011

Orchestra Director Steven Katz and his Concert, Philharmonic, and Symphonic Orchestras are scheduled to have their first concert of the school year tonight at 7:30 p.m.  in the Robert L. Johnson Auditorium. According to Katz, the orchestra...

David Guetta’s New Album Nothing but the Beat Speaks for Itself

By Gabrielle Abesamis

October 12, 2011

Grammy winner for Best Remix Recording and multi-platinum selling DJ and Producer, David Guetta, has been taking the  DJ-ing world by storm for almost 30 years now. He is famous all over Europe and began his mixing career in Paris ...

21 is Adele’s Golden Year!

By Maridsa Choute

October 5, 2011

Adele recently performed her beautiful ballad, “Someone Like You,” at the 2011 VMAs accompanied only by a man playing a piano, and received a standing ovation for her performance. Just recently, the song soared to number one on the Billboard’s Hot 100, ma...

If You Really Knew Mikey

By Maggie Wibright

May 31, 2011

“Hello Youtubers” are the first classic words you hear while watching Mikey Undas’ Bongo Lessons on Youtube. He opens the lesson, sitting in his black leather chair in the basement of his house, camera aimed directly at him while he’s complete with his si...

Ne-Yo’s Libra Scale is “Out of this World”

By Connie Lay-Ngo

April 19, 2011

You know him by his signature fedora, silky voice, and his popular singles “So Sick,” “Miss Independent,”  “Mad,” and “Closer.” Ne-Yo’s, latest album, Libra Scale, released on Nov. 22, 2010, is an R&B rhythm sensation: a CD for Ne-Yo fans everywhere. Most...

Konner Scott: A Day in the Life

By Nick Goldwyn

April 7, 2011

[singlepic id=1124 w=320 h=240 float=left]Konner Scott is silent, in his hunched position on the starting block, in his final 200-meter freestyle swim of his High School career, dark blue goggles on his face; he looks as fixe...

Q & A with Rotimi

By Rozy Kanjee

March 20, 2011

Rotimi, an up-and-coming international singer, is scheduled to perform at Niles North in the auditorium on Monday, March 21 at 7:00 pm, as a benefit concert. Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to Refugee One, as part of the Dance ...

It’s Fun to be a “Gleek”

By Maggie Wibright

March 8, 2011

Television has developed a lot throughout the years. We have shows from Modern Family, to Dog the Bounty Hunter, to even a little hit wonder known as the Jersey Shore (trashy, yet hilarious). But the oh-so-special TV show that ...

Parkway Drive to Play at The House of Blues

By Justin Kang

February 16, 2011

Couldn’t get enough of Warped Tour this summer?  If so, don’t even hesitate to see Parkway Drive, a metal band on last year’s Warped Tour ticket, at the House of Blues on Feb. 21!   Parkway Drive, an Australian band, has returned to the states once...

All Star Weekend Shines at Magnificent Mile Lights Festival

By Rozy Kanjee

December 10, 2010

From their first big break on Disney Channel to now, All Star Weekend is an up-and-coming band that performed  at the Annual Magnificent Mile Lights Festival on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010. With their cute-boy charms and vocals that weren't altered, All Star Weekend showed their passion for their music. For a live performance outs...

The Playlist of Homecoming 2010

By Maggie Wibright

October 28, 2010

Homecoming is all about the image. About the way you dress, how you style your hair, who you go with, who you dance with, and then the after party. But the overlooked aspect of this extravagant event is the music that the DJ provides the audience. The songs played at homecoming are key in...