We Need to Support Teachers

By Isabelle Davis

September 18, 2012

As students at Niles West, it's hard for us to imagine what going to a (non-magnet) Chicago Public School would be like. It's hard to imagine the overcrowded classrooms. It's hard to imagine the hundreds of students who haven't learned Eng...

Coughlin Models Great Teaching

By Alexa Bits

January 12, 2012

Kathleen Coughlin, or Kay, as she likes to be called, walks into her fashion classroom and greets her seventh period students with a “Hello Fashionistas!” Setting her papers down and putting her glasses on, she is ready to g...

What the Teachers Won’t Tell: An Advice Column for Students

By Colene Gibson

September 28, 2011

Well, Wolves, we've survived the first month of school!  By now we've probably all adjusted to the uncompleted construction (yet again!),  the awesome new cell phone policy, the yummy  new cafeteria food, and the new Open ...

West Welcomes New Teachers

By Michelle Sproat

September 21, 2011

Along with the new faces of the  class of 2015, there are new faculty members at school as well. The NWN was able to talk to some of these teachers. If you see any of them in the halls, make sure to give them a big Niles West...

TBay Auction to Begin Next Week

By Ivana Kosir

April 8, 2011

As the weather is starting to become more enjoyable and the Cubs start winning again, don't you ever wish you had a new bike, some new music to listen to on your bike ride , or a new TV to watch the Cubs win? Or better yet, BE at the game to watch...

School Board and NTFT Agreement Passed

By Rozy Kanjee

April 5, 2011

After months of negotiation, the school board and NTFT union came to a final decision on Monday, March 21 regarding the restructuring plan for the school year 2011-2012. The newly revised agreement entails a majority of the same points from...

Students Walk Out for Collective Bargaining Rights

By Rozy Kanjee

March 17, 2011

  Holding signs that read "Teachers+Students=Solidarity" and "Union Rights are Human Rights," more than 300 Niles West students walked out before 8th period yesterday to support collective bargaining rights not only for District 219, but Wisconsin, Indiana, and 22 other states. Seniors Alex Knorr and Eric Krikori...

The Top Ten Things the Faculty Need to Realize about Students

By Colene Gibson

March 3, 2011

`Of course we always hear from our teachers and our parents about “back in the day,” but it’d be a lot easier if they just realized 10 simple things about us first.  Rather than talking to us about how we feel about thin...